The Rest & Peace That Are Found In Accepting God’s Will

The Rest & Peace That Are Found In Accepting God’s Will

Where has the time gone? Anyways, I felt led to share to whomever might read the true rest and peace that is found in accepting God’s will!

Without going off into a whole thing about what God’s will is —– I’d much rather share what the Lord has been showing me and giving me real experience in because it has changed my life and approach to so many things in my life as of late!

God’s Will In The Form Of Providence

In so many times past, I have been guilty of getting caught up in trying to make things in my life go a certain way. I thought it was my responsibility to make things line up with God’s will. And there is, to some degree, a responsibility that is ours in aligning our will with the Lord’s revealed will. However, there is a whole side that I was not taking into consideration.

The side I did not consider was the fact that if something is going on in my life, whether good, bad, great, or small —- it is because the Lord is sovereignly allowing it to happen.

When things happen that are totally out of our control —- it is because the Lord is sovereignly allowing it!

If we belong to Him, purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, then our life is no accident and our steps are ordered by the Lord. Man has many plans in his mind and heart, but it is the Lord’s plan for his life that will prevail!

But so many times, when things happen to us, whether great or small, that are not what we want to happen, or maybe it is not what we believe God’s will is — we reject all such circumstances and don’t believe that it could be God’s will, so we try to fight against these things, and end up coming to our wits end and realizing we have no control over life at all.

True Rest & Peace!

And coming to the end of our wits in trying to fight against all circumstances and things in our life that we believe is not God’s will, we come to find out that it is in accepting these things as God’s will for us that brings true rest and peace!

What sorrows and sufferings could be avoided if we just realize that all that comes our way in life is because the Lord is sovreignly allowing it!

How much freedom we find when we accept, moment by moment, all that comes our way to be God’s will and from His sovereign order and love for us!

Because in all things that come our way, the Lord has a plan and a purpose!

His will in all that comes our way is for it to be used to further sanctify us unto Himself!

How true is that! So often, the hard things He allows in our lives are the perfect opportunity for us to deny ourselves, which is essentially what sanctification is! When we deny ourselves, and live by His Spirit, we are doing His will in that trial or circumstance!

Think of Joseph, for an example of what I am sharing. In the end of all the things he endured, when he was in the honored position, able to feed his people, and his brothers apologized for all the trouble they had caused him — Joseph answered them that “what they meant for evil, GOD meant for good”. Joseph realized that everything that has befallen him was indeed ALLOWED by the Lord, in order for GOOD. What his brothers and the devil meant for his HARM, the Lord took hold of it sovereignly and turned it around for GOOD!

Accept His Will And Be Freed!

Friends, if you are going through something troubling, whether great or small —- I pray you might see that the Lord is sovereign over ALL things, and if you belong to Him truly, He is in control, and has allowed this thing in your life for a purpose. And the sooner you accept it as His will, the sooner you will be freed from all worries and cares, and find true rest and peace in His sovreignty!

There is spiritual strength found in accepting the things that come our way as God’s will! We stop fighting against all these things, and we find rest and peace!

I pray this might make it to your heart and the Lord give illumination to this great truth, that you may experience Life more abundant in Him today! 🙂



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