The Things Of This World Grow Strangely Dim

The Things Of This World Grow Strangely Dim

Are you sick of this world?

Are you finding in your life that the things of this world are no longer attractive?

When you go to the stores, do you get a sense in your mind that says, “all this stuff is vain.” ?

Are you growing more and more away from the things of this life that are merely temporary?

Could you honestly say that everything you own really means nothing to you compared to Christ?

If someone stole all your expensive things, would it be as if you lost your whole entire life and all that was important to you?

Can you honestly step back from this world and look on as if it is a totally different world to the one you belong to?

Do the things you used to care about the most still hold weight with you? Or are they counted as nothing to you now?

Do you cringe when people want to buy your child more stuff?


If any or all of the above are true, you are in good company right here. All the things of this world to me have become more and more meaningless to me as the days go by. When I go to the store and look around and see the massive amounts of stuff everywhere, my head spins and the feeling of disinterest abounds.

I can’t even remember what I thought was so great before being truly born again about the world and the things of it.

More than any thing that I could have, I always wanted someone, and not something.

The things didn’t really mean anything to me. It was the someone that meant something to me.

That only intensified after being born again.

And that someone is none other than the Lord Jesus.

I can’t explain it, but it is true. He is what I need and what I want to know and have more than anything that this world could give me.

My heart is not wrapped up with the things of this world. 

Don’t get me wrong, if my house burned down tomorrow or my car got stolen or something less dramatic but along the same lines, I would be upset. But it wouldn’t be the end of my life, if that makes sense.

My heart shrinks back at saying this because I know the Lord tests me on what I say, as to whether my heart is deceiving me about it or not.

But still, I felt led to share and interrogate whomever might read this, as to where they stand in this matter.

How can you know if you are truly born again?

You have realized that this world is not your home, and that you do not belong here.

Test your citizenship in heaven with that 🙂

The Lord will become the most important thing as you grow in Him and as the world is removed more and more from your heart.



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