The Things That Happen To Us

The Things That Happen To Us

Sometimes it seems that every thing that happens to us has absolutely no significance in terms of the will of God and in relation to the Lord and His greater purposes. Especially the little things that happen to us that we just count as an ordinary happening that happens to most people. A flat tire. An honest mistake that leads to serious issues in life that need correction. Whatever happens to us, sometimes we are not thinking clearly and we do not put the pieces together and see how it is really related to anything in terms of the Lord.

But the fact is that, if we belong to the Lord, then NOTHING that happens to us is just a mishap or a random event, whether tragic or just an ordinary annoyance. Everything is related to a bigger thing when we are truly His.

But it is so hard to remember that in the midst of the things happening!

It really does seem that when you are in Christ, everything that could happen to a person seems to happen.

  • Nothing goes right.
  • Nothing works out smoothly.
  • With everything there is a hassle.
  • At the moment you need something to work it doesn’t.
  • When you need the most help, it is not there.


Whatever it is, whatever we are doing—-there is never any smooth sailing, it is ALWAYS a hassle it seems.

It may not be in extreme intensity on a daily basis, but just in general, it seems as though there is always something.

Now, in life before Christ, we may have concluded that all these mishaps are because the world is against us and because we have “bad luck”. Any number of reasons could have been given back then. But now, in Christ, there is a greater explanation than those.

In all these inconveniences, in all these situations, in all these very odd happenings to us that seem to never happen to other people, let us realize that we are being tried in our life. Over and over, we are given the opportunity to express the patience of Christ; the love of Christ; the gentleness of Christ.

We are given so many chances to let go of everything we are clinging onto in this earth, and surrendering to the Lord and His will for us.

When a new challenge comes, we are being taught how to have the mind of Christ towards it, instead of the earthly mind. We usually immediately resort to negative thoughts, but when we have the mind of Christ, when we are submitted to the Spirit in us, the thoughts are from a heavenly perspective and we are able to remain calm when the challenge comes!

And over time, as these same ordinary challenges arise, we find that we have overcome them by the Spirit because now, we are not freaking out like we would have even a few months ago. We have been brought through this challenge before, and we learned something. We are learning. That is what we are doing in this life. Learning Christ—how to be like Christ in all things!

Even so, when things happen to us that would never happen but are happening because there is an interest in the Lord in it, we have to conclude that the enemy is trying to hinder us from it. We are literally battling for LIFE. For the Lord to get His rightful place in those situations. And it turns into a matter of, “are we going to let this mishap stop us from doing X in the Lord’s interests?”

I know that most of us don’t have these thoughts on our mind regularly, so that’s why I felt led to share that when we experience so many different things, things that seem like ordinary inconveniences, let us take account and remember by God’s grace that there is a much bigger explanation than we know!

We are learning how to live in all these things by Christ and no longer our natural life.

Every thing is a test to see which is really in charge within us: the natural life, or the Spirit of Christ!

And we fail; we stumble and don’t always get it right! But that is how we learn.

Whatever challenges may come today, let us remember that God is watching, and so is all the host of the heavens!

How will we respond? Let us appeal to the Life of Christ in us to rise up to meet each situation for His glory and honor! 🙂



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