The Way To God’s Presence Is Not By Being Perfect

The Way To God’s Presence Is Not By Being Perfect



In the Presence of God is fullness of Joy, Psalm 16 says! And that is true. I have experienced it to be true, and I pray that you have too!

There are times also that it seems as though the Lord’s presence is gone from us. We go through times and seasons of this, and what I’ve come to see in those times is that the Lord is expanding my faith— He wants me to believe Him even when I don’t sense He is there. That is what faith is really all about—the hope of things unseen. And He always brings new life when those seasons are over! It is a cycle—– sort of like the trees. They lose their leaves, then they become “dead”, and then when spring rolls around, the new buds come about, and you see that in the middle when it seemed as though all life from that tree was gone and dead, it was growing all along and the fruit comes in the appointed season! It is the same with the Lord—we go through seasons where new fruit is manifested and we enjoy that for a time—and then the seasons change and things start falling away, and it seems as though there is no hope of growth of life left—- but all along He is working in us and increasing our faith—so that when the appointed time comes, the new fruit will be manifested!


One of the leading tactics of the devil is to get truly born again children of God to believe that they are truly not born again, and to get them to deny that they are justified by faith in Christ Jesus ALONE, and to deny that our righteousness is in CHRIST ALONE, and NOT IN OURSELVES.

Have you been there? I have.

Every time I do anything that might be considered wrong or sin or vice or anything—— I immediately hear that devil in my mind saying: “see, you are not really saved, or you wouldn’t do that” and “God does not love you! You can not be His and in His presence unless you are PERFECT!”

And for some reason, I start to believe that!!!!!

But it is NOT TRUE!

I’m not “condoning sin” but what I am saying is that we will never be able to earn justification and righteousness— NEVER.

Even if we stop all vice and sin—— we are still considered DEAD IN THE SIGHT OF GOD IN OUR SELVES! 

God has FOREVER placed a “NO” on our Adamic nature! He is done with that race of humans altogether. There is no hope in our human nature. Not one tiny spec of hope.

Our Lord took onto Himself the ENTIRE RACE OF ADAM when he was crucified—— and He has forever secured the way into the presence of God and union with Him in taking that race and crucifying it! HALLELUJAH!

That is why a living relationship with God starts at absolute surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord! It starts at the place where I recognize that in me is NO GOOD THING, and I have no ability to bring anything of importance or value to God in myself.


Being perfect, sinless, doing everything right, is not what is needed here—— what is needed is acknowledgement that in myself is no good thing!!!!! And this is the place where I must recognize that I have NO VALID RIGHTS to anything—–All has been given to our Lord Jesus—All is His—He is maker, ruler, and Lord——- of ALL things—- and in His sight—we are nothing other than beggars!

  • Thinking you can obey in order to receive blessing is wrong! You have no rights to it, even if you are PERFECT!(Think of Pharisees who believed they deserved God’s favor and had a right to it!)
  • This is dying to self—- recognizing that before God, we are nothing, and we can not earn anything, and that we have absolutely no rights to anything He has to offer us, and what we think, feel, desire in ourselves means nothing before Him—-it is going to be ALL HIM or NOTHING.
  • We are all COMPLETELY dependent on Him here for grace, spiritual sight, guidance, etc. Even our very life we are dependent on Him alone for!

This is not a license to sin. This is a fact that in ourselves, we are incapable of being righteous. God’s standard of righteousness is according to the Divine thought of Man–which is Jesus Christ. He alone is righteous. He is our righteousness! HALLELUJAH!

And when we are truly absolutely surrendered to Christ as Lord—- we are dead to ourselves—and all personal interest and second considerations do not belong anymore. Therefore, we are now walking in the newness of Life He has given unto us, and in walking in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh anymore! This is a lot different then trying to be perfect in order to make sure we are “saved”.


There are so many people trying to earn their way into God’s Presence by believing that they have to be perfect or sinless in order to experience the Lord and be in His Presence. But that is just not the way in. The only way in is by knowing and accepting that in ourselves, we can not be good enough—-and accepting that we are broken humans—- being of a broken and contrite spirit—-those are the ones who the Lord looks on and whom He draws near to—the brokenhearted. The ones who know they are capable of all sin in themselves—-and the ones who recognize, acknowledge, and accept that the way to stand in God’s Presence is by Jesus Christ having died in our place and made us whole! He is our only way, truth, and life. No one comes unto the Father but by Him.

In ourselves we are broken humans. We are incapable of earning God’s Presence and favor. Instead of striving to become someone that we can never be—- how much better it will be to accept that in ourselves we are broken, and accept that Christ is our only way unto the Presence of God!

So much time has been wasted on trying to be good enough to feel that I can stand in God’s Presence or earn His Presence by not sinning—- but that is not the way. The only way is through Jesus Christ our Lord—– and when He is truly Lord— everything else in life will fall into place. We will still never be good or sinless enough to stand in God’s Presence, but we will know the truth, and the truth will set of free from any sin/bondage!!!!



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