“This Is Not Working! I am NOT Getting What I Want!”

“This Is Not Working! I am NOT Getting What I Want!”

If we belong to the Lord, we will most definitely come up against this over and over and over in our life. We will encounter repeatedly the things of this earth and of time falling short of our desires and our plans.

We will not get our way, or what we want, and we will have a bad time because we feel the Lord is not giving us something that we want, or that we think HE wants for us!

When we were born from above, whether we realized it or not, we declared in our baptism that we are no longer living for our self or the world, but for GOD ALONE, and by the Life of God in us alone! The Cross is what baptism signifies, and as we know, the Cross is what brought us to the grave in ourselves, and the world to the grave for us. And we were raised in newness of life in Christ, where all is to be OF  GOD and FOR GOD!

It Must Be Made A Reality

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies in “Christianity” today is the fact that most converts don’t actually know what they have accepted when they responded to the Lord’s calling them. So that when things start going south in every area of our lives after we are truly baptized, we don’t understand what happened, or where we went wrong, or why such things are taking place in our lives. We thought things would go great and all things would be perfect now that we are saved and interested in God and His things.

But that is not reality, and because it is not reality, so many people get lost in the middle of the trials and they give up and never move forward in the spiritual journey that they are called to in Christ!

But thankfully, God has not left us to ourselves, and He has made a way to show us what this Christian life is really all about, and we are now able to take what He is showing us, and allowing His Spirit to make it a reality in our lives: the reality that it is no longer about us or for us or this world or life, but it is about God, for God, and by the life of God in all things!

The Way It Is Made Reality

The way the Lord takes with us in our lives in order to make it a reality that we are no longer living for our self or this world is by allowing our plans to be frustrated, and by never allowing us to have what our selfish hearts so desire in this life to keep all for our self and it’s own gratification!

This would explain a lot if we grasped it! Think of marriage problems, parenting problems, job problems, social relationship problems—any problem in our life really—and see past the problem to the fact that most likely, whatever is not going our way is because we are wanting it to go that way in order to give our SELF something it wants—gratification, reputation, success, etc.

When we are in Christ, anything for self is ruled out all together, and will be frustrated by the Hand of God if we try in our own power to make our way and plans come about for our own selfish gains in this world!

He Won’t Allow Settling

This is happening in our lives because the Lord will not allow us to settle down here on earth to have something of earth and of time! He is frustrating our plans and allowing our desires to be frustrated if they are about us and what we want to happen in life! He is not going to compete—we have declared in baptism that we are no longer living for our self or this world—but for GOD and BY God!

And He will see to it that this fact becomes a reality in our lives, by frustrating the things that we want most for our own selfish gain or pleasure in this life! 

Remember, the Israelites were literally taken out of Egypt—but Egypt had to be taken out of THEIR HEARTS in order for them to reach the true purpose of God!

That is what He will do with all of His true children—He will allow nothing to reach it’s end if it is only for time and earth–for our own self!

But what is of God and By God will reach the intended ends—and it is for us to let go of all that is personal in our marriages and lives, in order that His purposes might be fulfilled for HIS GLORY and no other reason!

This word is searching and trying, if we allow the Lord to show us what is in our hearts—but it is also a word of deliverance from all the things that are holding us back in moving forward with the Lord and His purposes for us! 🙂



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