Trials Of This Life Are His Mercies In Disguise!

Trials Of This Life Are His Mercies In Disguise!

So often, people who claim the name of Christ, who were brought up in the outward system of christianity, and taught that when you give your life to Christ, all will be well, and all will be good, and you will have many blessings and great things in life, become completely confused and disappointed when they realize that the Kingdom of God is only entered into through many TRIALS!(Acts 14:22). No one likes to go through trials, and hard things, and painful sufferings. No one even likes to be without their daily comforts in life, let alone severe adversity and painful experiences that truly lead to loss in this life!

Yet, the purpose of these trials, when we have truly surrendered our life to the Lord, to no longer live for OURSELVES, but for Him, is to actually lead to more LIFE in Him!

But so often, we get focused on the things that are happening, and the loss it costs in this life and of the earthly things, that we miss the whole point, and go through the trials in vain. But if we can just see that these trials in life are actually the Lord’s mercies in disguise, we will come out of them with the Lord gaining His intention through them of bringing in more LIFE where there is currently death!

Trouble Brings Humility

God opposes the proud. He can’t come close to prideful people. It is only those who are of a broken and contrite spirit that the Lord draws near to.

  • That is because the proud don’t think they need God or His grace.
  • The proud think they have life under their control.
  • The proud think they know best.
  • The proud seek to save their own life, in their own ways, for their own benefits and gains.
  • The proud don’t want help.
  • The proud won’t accept defeat.
  • The proud look down on the “weak” and think they are the strongest and can face anything in their own strength.

This prideful heart will keep the Lord far far away. And when the Lord has his eye on an individual, and especially when we have perhaps already surrendered to the Lord, and we become proud, the Lord is pleased to allow trouble and trials into our life in order to lead us down the path of humility.

So often pride is disguised, and we are blind to it in ourselves. That is what brings upon us the trials of life.

When trial and trouble hits, the Lord is able to show us that we can do nothing in our own power, and that we NEED Him!

It is an opportunity for us to see our own pride, accept our defeat, and surrender to the Lord, who is mighty and more powerful than any other being! And when we reach this point of surrender, we are humbled, and the Lord is able to draw close unto our humbled heart. When we cry out to Him in our defeat, that is when He hears, and when He draws close to us, when we admit our need for Him, and our dependence on Him!

That is the mercy of God in disguise —- when He allows us to be troubled and go through trials which ultimately lead to us humbling ourselves before Him, and crying out to Him for help! If he left us in our blind pride, and gave us everything we ever wanted in life, with no trouble or trials, we would never truly come into LIFE by dying to this pride, and we would never come to know Him, because He would be afar off from us in our pride. Therefore, the Lord is showing His great love and mercy when He allows trials to bring us to the place of humility before Him!


Trouble Brings Total Dependence On God

When all is well, and there is no trouble or trials, we blindly become dependent on our self, thinking we have all the resources and that we have no need to depend on God. The Lord does us a great mercy when He allows troubles to come into our life, to the point where we are driven to see that we are totally dependent on HIM!

This can take YEARS sometimes, if we are blind and ignorant. Sometimes it literally takes the Lord years to break us down to the point where we finally see that in us is NOTHING good, and in us is NO resource whatsoever to do or be what He requires — and we come to the place where we recognize our dependence upon Him, and He is well-pleased!

So let us recognize that when trouble and trials come about in our life, it may be that the Lord is wanting us to see that we must be dependent on HIM ALONE—and no one else, or our self, or anything in this world whatsoever. It is by depending on Him alone that we come into more Life in Him!

It is His mercy in disguise in bringing us to the place where we are totally dependent on Him, and we discover Him and His power and wisdom when we stop depending on other people, ourselves, and the world!


Trouble Leads To Surrender

So many times, when trials come, instead of surrendering to the Lord and accepting His will in allowing things to come into our lives that we don’t like, we instead seek to save our lives and try to fix whatever is going wrong in our own strength and resources. We can go off the deep end just trying to make life work sometimes! It may be in things even such as appliances breaking, or the car breaking down — anything that serves to break us of our OWN WILL in life can be seen as the Lord’s mercy in disguise in getting us to the place where we surrender to Him, and accept His will and way in life!

So often, we are led by our OWN IDEA of what God’s will is or should be, and when things don’t match up to our preconceived ideas of His will, we try to MAKE them fit to this idea of His will, and we only find in the end that it is a vain pursuit!!! 

Instead, there is much life and peace found in accepting what God allows into our lives as His will for us, and depending on Him alone to see us through it! There is rest that is found in accepting His will that we would otherwise never experience if we continue to try to fix things, instead of surrendering to Him in all things!


Trouble Leads To The Hunger For God Alone

Those who have been through many trials, and who have a heart for God, have surely found that trials and trouble in life leads to the hunger for God alone! This is by far the greatest mercy the Lord shows us in allowing trials and troubles into our lives!

If all was well, and if our lives were a perfect day every day, would we even hunger for God? Would we ever know our true need of Him if all was truly well in our life on a daily basis?!

Do you see what mercy it is for the Lord to allow such troubles in our life, that they might lead us to hunger for Him?!

We would never find Him if we were not drawn to Him by Himself! He draws us to Him. He draws us to hunger for Himself when the things of this life are just not cutting it! When we have no hope in this world, hope is offered in HIMSELF!

We discover Him, and find Him when the things of this life are void of comfort and pleasure. He becomes our only desire, and it leads to ever growing LIFE in us!


Embrace His Mercy!

The trials and troubles of this life are truly His mercies in disguise if we can see what they lead to! They lead to more LIFE in Him when we recognize it for what it is, and surrender to His leading in our lives through these troubles! Our first thought is always to make the trouble stop and go away. But if we continue to pursue that instead of the One true God, we will only experience death and not LIFE!

He has come to give us LIFE, but it only comes by DYING first to our self in every way!

Embrace any troubles as His mercy, and turn your whole heart to Him, and find Life in Him! 🙂



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