Waiting On God To Fulfill His Will

Waiting On God To Fulfill His Will

My heart goes out to all of us who are waiting on God to fulfill His own Word in our lives, in our marriages, and families. It is a true test of the believer to know God’s will, His mind about how things should be, and to never see it playing out in real life, no matter what we do.

It is a test of whether we are going to believe God, not for what He can do, but just for who He is, for Himself, for His own sake.

It is a test as to whether our hearts are in this thing for our own personal reasons, or if our hearts are after this for the Lord to come into His rightful place, for His satisfaction, and His glory alone.

That is truly trying to us, and the time of waiting exposes these things if we have a heart open to the Lord through it all.

Sometimes we just give up and toss out the idea that it could ever be the way God wills it to be, and we give up and just stop trying. But in that, we lose hope, and unbelief creeps in, and the Lord can not do a single thing with unbelief present!

His Word — His Will 

If there is one thing for our faith to cling to, it is the fact that God’s Word clearly shows us what His will is in so many things! There is no room for doubt when His will is revealed in His Word, that it is how He would have it to be.

Sometimes there are things that are not clearly mapped out as to His will, and that leaves room for us to exercise faith in our personal, inward relationship with the Lord, in allowing Him the room He needs to lead us by the Spirit of Life from within us. That is how we grow spiritually, and are able more and more to discern what is right and what is wrong, as the Spirit gets stronger in us over time, and through many stumbles and falls (through choosing the wrong way and learning from it)!

But all in all, when the Lord reveals something to our hearts which indicates His will for us in Christ, we can be sure that exercising faith in relation to what He has revealed will leave the room He needs to come in and do what only He can do in bringing His will to pass in us and our lives for His glory.

The Wrong Way

A lot of times we are taught from the Word of God what God’s will is, and we hear these greatly organized presentations of the will of God by pastors and teachers and they map out this perfectly clear will of God from His word. So we see it with our natural minds and we reason, “This is God’s will, so I must now take steps X,Y,AND Z to bring His will about because it is clearly revealed that I need to do X,Y, AND Z.”

But does that ever find vindication? No! All this does is lead us further and further away from God’s true starting point in our lives, and so the Lord has to deal with us more severely to get us to the actual starting place with Him in working out His will in us and our lives!

For example, some people grow up going to Church their whole life where they are clearly taught that going out and saving the lost is their one true calling in this life, so when they grow up they decide that since it is clearly God’s will revealed, they must take steps and become involved in a pluthera of things to get going on this one calling they believe to be God’s will. But in the end, their work is vain and leads to nothing but burn out and spiritual loss.

The Starting Point Is The CROSS

No friends. The starting point is ever and always the CROSS! The Cross is where we accept by faith that we can do NOTHING in our natural resources of mind, heart, and will for the Lord. The Cross is where we accept by faith that when Christ died, he brought all of us in our natural life with Him as our representative. And now, we are raised together with Him in resurrection LIFE, where everything is OF GOD, BY GOD, AND FOR GOD.

Do you see the trouble? If a person is just raised all their life to know what the will is, but have never actually experienced the Cross in their life, they are set for failure because they are working and moving in their own natural resources which can NEVER accomplish anything for the Lord. Our natural life has been put to the grave, and the Holy Spirit will take us through whatever experiences in life are necessary to bring us to the point of utter shame and failure where we realize that WE CAN DO NOTHING IN OURSELVES and if anything is to be done at all, it must be the LORD who does it in and through us, and nothing of ourselves!

The person who grows up all their life hearing the will of God presented will have to be dealt with by the Lord to bring them to the place where they realize that they are UTTERLY DEPENDENT on the Lord, and that they are weak and He alone is the strength and power behind any accomplishment of His will in and through them!

Waiting To See His Will Worked Out

But once a person has come to the Cross, and has realized that they can do nothing, and that if anything is to be done and accomplished according to God’s will, the Lord must do it in and through them —- it doesn’t come about immediately. There is a time of waiting, and time of trial.

I want to talk to you about this time of waiting, and this time of trial, because so many of us get caught here, and get stuck, and even give up and despair over it because we don’t see the Lord working out what He has revealed to be His own will for us. 

We must first recognize that ultimately, the Lord is not after something in and of itself that we call “the will of God”. What he is after is something much much more!

That something is this: that the Lord Jesus has His rightful place as Lord in the lives of ALL His people!

That is the object that God has as the end of all His will being done! Do you get this? God’s object is for the Lord Jesus to have His rightful place as LORD in the lives of all His people!

That certainly wipes every slate clean of all the things we thought were the end goal and object in view, doesn’t it?

So back to this time of waiting, this time of trial as to the Lord’s own will being worked out in our lives —- we must first recognize that before God can come in and do ANYTHING, He must first have in us an undivided heart for the LORDSHIP OF CHRIST JESUS.  We must be tested out as to whether or not the Lord is truly LORD in our hearts, and in EVERY area of our lives (home life, job life, relationships, etc.). And this is exactly what the time of WAITING is for.

It is for the proving of our hearts as to whether Christ is truly Lord, and as to whether we have any PERSONAL interest whatsoever in seeing God do His will in us and our lives, or whether or not we are only concerned for the LORD to have His rights in us, in our marriages, our families, our job lives, etc. 

Now let’s get down to our own hearts and lives at this point, and apply what is being said here. 

Are we praying for the Lord to accomplish His will in us, our lives, our marriages, our families? Are we praying and praying and praying for the Lord to come in and do something to change things? To make things better for us? To change others whom we are in close contact with so that things can be “according to His will”?

I can bet He has not so much as moved an inch in those situations for the realizing of what His own will is (that people be saved, marriages be godly, homes be God-centered, job lives be blessed and used for the furthering of His purposes, etc.) . The Lord has not done a thing in that direction. Why? Why hasn’t He done a single thing, after all our praying for HIS WILL to be done in these areas?

This is where we need to pay CLOSE attention and ask the Holy Spirit to OPEN OUR EARS AND EYES to see WHY!

The Lord has restrained His power and movement in our lives because He is waiting for us to come to the point where we say, “Nevertheless, NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS BE DONE.” And we actually mean it!

When we can truly say this and mean it, our self-interest for seeing God accomplish His own will in our lives has been brought to DEATH, and the LORD having His rightful place and glory has become the sole object of our desire!

This is what happens when after so long we have been praying and praying to the Lord to make our marriages godly, for our husbands to be saved, our children to be saved, others we are in contact with the be saved —- and we finally see after the Lord repeatedly empties us of OUR OWN RESOURCES (of mind, heart, and will), that we can NOT accomplish His will in our lives and other people’s lives by trying to do X,Y,AND Z to bring about a godly marriage, a saved husband and children, and saved souls. And we come back to the starting point of the CROSS, and we see that the real reason we wanted God’s will to be done in all those connections was for our OWN good and our OWN benefit, and not really because we have an all-governing desire to see the Lord come into His rightful place as Lord and His will accomplished for HIS OWN SAKE. 

And we see that the time of waiting was a time of trial, where the Lord revealed through sometimes painful ways that we are not really one with His end goal of Christ coming into His rights as Lord, but we have our own end goals that we are trying to see happen. So the Lord has had to keep back, and let us go and bring us through experiences to where we have come to see this truth that we are not all out for the Lord, and jealous for His rights in our lives and other’s lives. But we are jealous for our own rights, and what WE want to see happen, and we thought that if we prayed and prayed for the Lord’s CLEARLY revealed will to be done, He would do it. But He doesn’t, because He will never do anything that is for personal self-interest.

Great News

Now here is the great news friends! When the Lord has taken us through this time of waiting, this time of trial, and we come out to the point where we see it for all that it is, and we are shown by the Spirit what the issues really are, and we yield all that is personal self-interest to the Cross, that is when we get through to the Lord, and the way is opened for Him to actually come in and do His work in and through us and in those around us, according to His will, and HIS end goal in view of Christ having His rightful place as Lord in every connection!

The peace that truly comes into our hearts at this point is enough to make all that has gone before of pain and suffering and despair to be as it never existed. When we come into this place of truly letting go of our own personal interests, and choose the Lord, just for His own sake and object in view, we find the Lord comes in with a renewed strength within us, and it is as if the clouds have parted, and His presence is known and enjoyed! There is peace. There is rest. Our hearts are enlarged, and we stand in awe and wonder that He would take the time to bring us through all of this faithfully, in order to say to us, “Give Me My rightful place as Lord, and watch as I do what you can never do in your own resources!” 

We have let go, we have given Him His rightful place, and we have come to realize that if the Lord wants something done, He will do it as we yield all that is personal to the Cross. We realize that if what we are praying for can not be to His Glory alone, then we are content, and we do not wish for it to be granted us. We realize that His glory alone is to govern what comes about, and that is what our heart desires above all else!

When He has revealed His will to our hearts, we must cling to Him through what ever comes, and hold onto His Word, realizing that He must do it. We must exercise faith, and He must do it in His power alone for His glory, for His ends to be reached, and nothing for our own.

And we find that, ironically, when we are all out for His ends and satisfaction, it all does work for our good, and we see His Will accomplished!

But never before or until all that is of self-interest has been yielded to the Cross, and our hearts are given to the Lord, for Him to have His rightful place as Lord!



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