What Is Gained From Reckoning Ourselves Dead By The Cross

What Is Gained From Reckoning Ourselves Dead By The Cross

What I feel the Lord is wanting to say to us at this time is the whole matter of the Cross coming in and crucifying us to sin, to self, and to the world—and all that that entails— and in recognizing the registration and acceptance of the Cross, there has been failure on my part to mention the positive side of having considered ourselves dead to all that is of ourselves and the world!

So at this time, I feel the Lord would have us look at what we are to come into once we have said good-bye to our selves in His Cross, with all its personal interests and desires.

Facing The Cross

Now that we have let go all that is merely for the SELF (gratifying our own interests, desires, will) in this life, the Lord will have us to get in line with HIS WILL and purposes and interests! It is not just the negative side of us having to let go of our self and all that we wanted in this life, there is also the positive side of coming into line with God’s interests for our life and His Eternal purposes.

Perhaps this alone will search our hearts more than anything because it is here that we have to face the fact of whether or not we have truly seen the meaning of the Cross, and how in it, in God’s eyes, we are already dead in our selves (every human on earth is dead in His Cross), and that now if we are alive in Christ, born from above, all the Lord sees in us is that Divine Life of Christ that has been implanted in us by His Spirit into our spirit that has been made alive!

If we have seen the glory of the Cross in stripping away that old man, and us having put on the new man in Christ, then we already know that it really was no loss at all, but rather, ALL GAIN to have lost ourselves in the Cross of Christ!

Many might think that to have to reckon their body of flesh and natural man dead is to lose everything, but it actually is GAINING everything! When we are in that position of resurrection life in Christ, we have gained all of Heaven! And that is gain indeed!

God’s Purposes

Now in place of all that was of the self and this world, we are given the desire to co-operate with God in His purposes and His plans, and His interests because we have been given the Holy Spirit to control us now from within our spirit! It is true that we could be born again, yet living still from the spring of our natural life (our own mind, judgments, will, desires, reason, feelings) even though we have been truly born again and the Holy Spirit is dwelling within our spirit. At this point, we realize that we must totally follow the Holy Spirit as within as our spring of resources and never refer to our own natural life again in any matter. This is the part where we realize that letting go of all that is of nature and flesh is actually no loss at all and it is complete gain because we are enabled to live according to the Holy Spirit and live the life that God has purposed in order to bring Him all the glory!

At this point, we are consciously abiding by faith in Christ’s Risen Life, and therefore we are brought into line with His purposes.

His Spirit in us does all the work in creating in us a heart that is after the Lord and His desires and His interests.

What are His interests? Conforming us to the image of Christ, the honor and glory of the Lord’s Name, the spiritual state of His people, building up of the Body of Christ, to name a few!

When we are truly living in the Spirit, there will be an increase in desire to pray for the Lord’s people everywhere—for them to have their eyes opened to the Lord and His purposes. There will be the desire to see the Lord’s name honored and glorified. There will be the desire to be conformed to the image of Christ. There will be the desire to see people delivered from darkness and from the power of satan.

And more specifically, in our own lives, we will begin to have a heart burden for the Lord to have His rightful place as number one in us, our homes, and our marriages and family, all for His glory!Ā 

Our prayers will start changing from, “Lord do this, and Lord do that” to “Lord, what do YOU want and what is YOUR will”?

We will no longer be consumed with having our way in life and for things to change for us and our benefit and gain.

We won’t see those prayers answered anyways. The Lord is not here to make our life better or give us what we want in our life and marriage and everything else. Does He take care of us and deliver us from life circumstances? Yes—but only along the lines of His Divine plans and purposes. He never just delivers us or answers our prayers because it is something we want for our own personal enjoyment or benefit.

He is not a genie in the bottle, He is God ALMIGHTY! And it is HIS WILL and HIS PLANS that MUST prevail and take first place, or all our praying is in vain.

So it is in this way that we see that to have let go of our own personal interests is really no loss because if we are still here seeking to satisfy our own personal interests and self in all its forms—then we are actually worshiping satan and not God.

To worship God means that all is HIS and for HIM and by HIM. It is not about us at all— it is about Him, and giving Him His rightful place as LORD of all!

This will be progressive as the Holy Spirit continually makes us aware of anything that is of the old man that needs to be dealt with by the Cross. It is only as we co-operate with the Spirit in this way that we are more and more filled with Christ and more in line with His will and purposes!

Let us seek Him each day to know His mind about things, and as we go about our day, let us ask the Holy Spirit to enable us to do all that is His will by His strength and Life in us, that He may have ALL the Glory! šŸ™‚



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