What Marriage Is Really All About!

What Marriage Is Really All About!




Ladies, I can’t help but think that our marriages are a practical example of what happens when we truly come to Christ and accept our position of crucified and buried with Him.

We talk about “losing” ourselves in marriage—- isn’t that what happens when we are truly crucified to our old self?

We “lose our selves” and gain intimacy with God through Christ and His Cross. 

When we are crucified with Christ—that means that we can no longer have ANY personal interests. Christ came as the “last Adam”—He came as Adam was before He fell. Christ was in full union with the Father, and He did not fall to sin through his own self like Adam did. That is how Christ overcame the power of sin and death for us—because He did what the first Adam didn’t do—- which was not give in to the SELF!

When we accept the position of crucified with Christ, we share Christ’s humanity by His Cross (with the spirit united to God’s Spirit)—His humanity was a selfless one, where he had NO personal interests or will of His own—-He only did what pleased the Father, and only did God’s will.

If we are truly crucified to our self—- then we should be daily dying to our own personal interests.

Our only interests should be that of pleasing the Father and doing His will through His Spirit’s power.  

I do no think that focusing on what we “need” and what we “want” is really what marriage is all about.

I see it now as the training ground for the Lord to teach me how to abandon my own interests—my own desires—-my own rights! Because this is exactly what I must learn in my union with Christ in order to grow spiritually and to know God and Christ! 

We are not on the earth to have our way, to find pleasure in this life, or to seek our own glory or happiness.

If that’s what we want, then we really don’t need Christ, and we won’t be able to grow in Christ if that is what we are trying to get.

God has an eternal purpose and His plan will prevail no matter what. If we are set on getting our own interests fulfilled—we are literally working against God in our own life. He can’t take us on to the Promised Land while we are focusing on our own interests.

It is only the one who is crucified to their self and all its interests that goes on to the Promised Land!

If there is any attack on our marriage, let us realize that this is a battle not of flesh and blood and God is allowing us to sit in the conflict in order to train us to not only die to our self and our own interests but to fight the good fight of faith! And to grow in our knowledge of Christ and what the will of God is in order that we will learn to set ALL things aside in order to follow God at ALL COSTS!! And when He has us in this position, He is free to move us past the wilderness on to the Promised Land where the battle is the Lord’s!

It is all about our Faith in God. We must accept our position as crucified with Christ, buried with Him and let go of our personal interests for our marriages, our lives, for our kids, for all things and set our hearts on the Lord and His purposes and His will  and when we are in that position He is free to move in our lives, and take us on spiritually to grow! And when we are full of His Spirit, we stand as a testimony to the life of Christ, and every knee must bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Our husbands will stand convicted as we live out our faith and life in Christ as we focus on pleasing God and doing nothing as out from our self! God has an open door to move in our lives like NEVER before!!!!!!


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