What Truly Delivers Us From Continual Failure In The Christian Life

What Truly Delivers Us From Continual Failure In The Christian Life

What is on my heart is something that the Lord has progressively shown me over the past two years, and it is so relevant today. I don’t know who is reading this or if it is the experience of anyone who is reading this, but I must be faithful to the Lord in leading me to share this. I pray your eyes be opened by the Holy Spirit as you read.

Continual Failure

All that I’m sharing is what has been my experience with the Lord over the past two years.

There came a point where I saw clearly how unable I was to change. I could have read the Bible 200 times in one day, and memorized every scripture, read every relevant book about the Bible, listened to 20 sermons on youtube, prayed endless prayers for the Lord to change me and help me overcome the ongoing sins in my life, and it would have amounted to NOTHING.

In the morning I had my time with the Lord every single day, and every single morning I asked the Lord to do a work in my heart, change me, deliver me from the ongoing sins of anger, selfishness, etc. —and yet, by the next day, I was confessing the same sins over and over and begging the Lord to save me from them!

  • I understood with my natural mind that I needed to change.
  • I understood with my natural mind that I needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • I understood with my natural mind that Jesus was my righteousness and that there was nothing good in me.

And yet——— there was absolutely NO transformation in my heart and life. 

The Lord got me to the place where I asked Him how he expected us to be holy when we could absolutely NEVER be holy. I continually asked the Lord to deliver me from my SELF. I was truly miserable in my own mind and heart. There was no joy, no peace, there was no hope in that time for me. I was truly baffled by what was happening—I SO desired to be changed and to grow into the image of Christ, to love my husband and my child, to be gentle, quiet, filled with the Holy Spirit. And I begged God to do this. I kept asking Him to fill me with His Spirit. But NOTHING changed!

I just wanted the Lord to show me what He wanted me to do, I didn’t know what He wanted me to do! I tried to do what I knew the Bible said, but I failed every single day.

All the scriptures about Jesus being our hope, our righteousness and God forgiving us, and providing the Holy Spirit meant nothing to me in this time when I was put into the fire. It did absolutely NOTHING to change me.

((Can you imagine if at this time someone was telling me that all I needed to do was TRY HARDER? Oh wow. That would have led me straight back to where I came from, without God and no hope in the world. And despite actually hearing that and believing it to be the truth and what was needed at the time, THE LORD’S PLAN PREVAILED OVER IT ALL, and He led me, though I was still very blind and could not see the way!))

The Difference 

Before we get to the answer to that miserable dilemma of the christian life, let’s take a side note here and see what the difference is between trying to strive our way to be conformed to the image of Christ and to be saved, and God’s way.

This is where the “Christian system” becomes a menace to God’s true purposes of having a spiritual people. When we are continually failing, we become so obsessed with our SELF, and changing, and when we don’t change at all, we sink lower and lower and lower into despair. So we decide that surely the answer to our issue lies in going to more sermons, and more church activities, and reading more books and memorizing more scriptures and doing a host of other activities in hopes of it changing our heart some how and making us right with God!

That is an objective (outward) religion and it is nothing of true spirituality. That way of trying to seek and strive our hardest to overcome things that the Lord already dealt with is what will drive us so far from God and to despair! It is a hopeless thing to focus on our SELF with its utter inability to stand up to the standard of Christ, and therefore I pray this might be illuminated by the Spirit in your heart if you have not yet seen this.

As we already mentioned, we can do a million things, read the Bible day and night, and it will not do ONE BIT of transformation in us, UNLESS…………


Unless you and I are led by the Holy Spirit to the point where we see with the eyes of our heart enlightened that in us is NO GOOD THING, and we can do NOTHING for God or to save ourselves, and that in the Cross of the Lord, He brought US with Him, and put our self as ourselves in the grave with Him, we will NEVER come to the point where the Holy Spirit can commit Himself to us.


What this literally means is that, by faith, we accept that when He died, we died with Him, and therefore we can do NOTHING to earn salvation, and we can not offer once ounce of help in changing to be conformed to Christ. We can not change by taking a million commands in the Bible and trying to follow them each day.

Because that doesn’t change anyone’s NATURE within them.

The only thing that produces TRUE LASTING ETERNAL CHANGE is accepting the Cross as to our selves, and then by faith believing that when He was raised from the dead, WE WERE RAISED WITH HIM. And now, we have been given A NEW LIFE, a NEW NATURE by receiving the Holy Spirit in our own spirit. When we put our faith in Christ, our spirit was brought back to life, and the Holy Spirit was implanted in our spirit and joined as one.

In the Holy Spirit dwelling in our spirit is the DIVINE NATURE OF CHRIST.

Divine Nature BY FAITH

Once we accept this and truly see it by faith, we then proceed to live by the DIVINE NATURE by faith, or as the Bible says, by walking in the SPIRIT!

How is this practically done? BY FAITH!

It is only by FAITH!!!!

There is NO OTHER WAY because the minute we try to change ourselves or follow a list of rules again, we will fail and be right back where we started, trampling over the Cross of our Lord!

When we see this, the Holy Spirit takes control, and begins to reveal Christ to our heart in a progressive way. And as we know, when we see Christ, we are transformed!!!

Once I saw this, I no longer had any need to continually ask the Lord to deliver me from my self, and all the other host of unholy behavior because I saw that when He died, I DIED TO THAT NATURE, and He paid the price for ALL OF IT! All that is left after realizing this is TRUE GENUINE HEART WORSHIP OF OUR LORD JESUS!

So does this mean we will  never sin and be perfect?


It means that, as long as we are TRUSTING IN THE LORD and HIS FINISHED WORK each day, and by faith living by His Divine Life in us, we are kept by the power of God from falling back into the self.

But if we so much as take a step back in self territory, the same old sins happen because it is ever and always the self with it’s nature that must be put off and given no place in us!

I pray that this truth has been sent deep into our hearts and set us free from all that continual striving and failing that produces nothing for the Lord!

This is the truth—when we TRULY see the Lord Jesus, and what He has been made for us by God, we are set free from the things that get in the way of His actual true work in us. We are set free from so many lies, and continual failure!

The Lord Jesus paid the price in order to bring back those who will respond to His call into true fellowship with the Father. He paid the price for us to receive His Divine Nature, His Life that is indestructable! He has risen and ascended to the right Hand of God, and has sent forth His Holy Spirit unto all those who believe on Him, and the Holy Spirit is now here in those who are His, in order to produce the nature of Christ in us!

We do nothing to produce the nature of Christ in us. We do nothing to change ourselves. The only thing we do is accept our death with Christ, and by faith believe that when He was raised, we were raised to newness of life in Him!

When we are living by faith in the Spirit, we will follow the Bible, whether we know every scripture or NOT! We don’t have to make a list and then strive to follow it. What we have to do is deny our SELF and follow His Spirit of Life in us each day! And as we do this, and adjust to the Spirit’s leading in us, He takes FULL responsibility in transforming us into the image of Christ!

What a relief because GOD KNOWS WE CAN’T DO IT OURSELVES!

If I was sitting face to face with someone who was honestly going through this terrible struggle of continual failure and defeat, I would lovingly look at them, and tell them that where they are is the perfect place for the Lord to do something revolutionary. I would tell them that they will NEVER be able to be good enough, and that they would NEVER measure up to the standards in themselves. I would tell them to once and for all accept that they are an utter failure in themselves to ever be like Christ or holy or good or righteous. And then I would tell them that when Christ died, they died with Him, and when He was raised, they were raised with Him to NEWNESS of Life.

Their SINFUL NATURE was put in the GRAVE and it now has NO POWER OVER THEM unless they continue to walk in that old nature! I would tell them that when they trusted in Christ and saw that He is truly the way, the truth, and the life—-they were given the Holy Spirit in them, and in the Spirit dwells the DIVINE NATURE OF CHRIST JESUS for them. I would tell them that it is not about changing themselves or asking the Lord to give them power in themselves to be “good”. But rather, it is about accepting that death union with the Lord, and by faith, laying hold of the Spirit of Life each day to see them through each thing they face that normally would stir up a response in the OLD NATURE. I would tell them that their only hope is in faith in CHRIST. His grace is sufficient!

And if they truly had the eyes to see what was shared with them by the Holy Spirit opening their eyes to see it, they would find SWEET RELIEF, LIFE, LIBERTY, HOPE, STRENGTH in CHRIST!

The Lord spoke the word to my heart 2 years ago, “Come unto me and I will give you rest”——– but I didn’t know how. I was in a spiritual wilderness, I didn’t know how to find Him or how to come unto Him. And perhaps that experience was solely for the purpose of me sharing it now 2 years later, and to share that, eventually, He led me to Himself, and it was not by me being perfect, or by changing myself, it was simply by the HOLY Spirit opening my eyes to see the Lord Jesus in His true significance and greatness, and what He truly did in my place, and provided for me to follow Him.

Coming unto Him means that we SAY GOOD BYE TO OUR SELF FOREVER and trying to earn anything, or be good enough. It means that we literally trust in Him, as WITHIN OUR VERY HEARTS, to rise up and be the LIFE of our mind, body, spirit. And then the burden is totally lifted, and true peace and joy flow into our hearts because GOD IS SATISFIED only in CHRIST! If we try to come onto the ground of God any other way but IN CHRIST, we will not reach Him. All God is concerned with is CHRIST IN US!

I pray that the Holy Spirit will send this into your heart, and lead you into a fuller experience and life in Christ if this has been your tragic experience, as it was mine!


I pray you might earnestly seek the Lord if you are experiencing this dilemma and are at a loss of what to do—- bring this to the Lord and seriously ask Him to show you what it means. He is faithful, and He desires us to see this more than we could ever desire to see it! He has purposed LIFE, LIGHT, LIBERTY AND LOVE—not death, bondage, fear, and miserableness!

BUT- He will not do a thing until we come onto the ground of CHRIST—on the ground of His death for us and as us. God only speaks to us in His Son, Hebrews says. He has already spoken in His Son, so when we are wanting to come unto the Father there is only ONE WAY, and it is by FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST!

Let it be according to Thy Word Lord!



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