When You Feel Like Giving Up In The Christian Life

When You Feel Like Giving Up In The Christian Life

In our spiritual experience, we are bound to come upon the experiences that the Lord takes us through in order to show us ourselves. The Lord’s way is not our way, and when He begins to show us ourselves, there is a very good reason for it, even though it does not seem joyous at the time! But this child-training is necessary, as the Father of our spirit diligently shows us what is really in us apart from His Son.

So what are we talking about? 

We’re talking about the times when we are made to see how truly wicked and vile we are in ourselves. The Lord allows things to happen in our life whether it be job loss, provocation from our husband or family, work stress, physical issues, and any other kind of pressures that may come upon us in this life, in order to bring us to the breaking point. When we are truly going on with the Lord unto the prize of the on-high calling (being conformed to the image of Christ!) then He will see to it that we are made well aware of our utter inability to be like Christ. 

As we all know so well, given the right circumstances, we are all capable of the worst! All it takes is the right amount of pressure upon us —in ourselves— to bring about utter wickedness from within ourselves!

The Snare

Perhaps we didn’t realize that this was actually necessary to the Lord, so when we began to see how vile we really are in ourselves, we became extremely depressed and just felt like giving up completely in the Christian life because we obviously couldn’t live up to the standards!

Perhaps we just felt that it was really just impossible to ever get things right and act “right” and to be perfect little misses! And the constant realization that there is nothing good in us was too much to bear and we just despaired of it all and came to the end of ourselves!

Believe it or not, this is where the Lord was leading us on purpose! This was necessary for us to see how vile we are, in order for the Lord to reveal WHO HE IS, so that He can rid us of our self, and fill us up with Himself!

The snare is believing in those horrible times that we are not truly saved or that we will never change or never get it right instead of realizing that this is a necessary part of the ongoing process of conforming us to the image of Christ! We can’t conform to the image of Christ if we think we are ok in ourselves!

But sadly, there are lots of saints out there who have just despaired of it all and have given it all up and were not led to see clearly that they were being trained by our Father! I’ve been here myself and it wasn’t until the Lord opened my eyes to see that it was all necessary in order to reveal Christ to my heart and to lead me on in becoming like Him!

But at many points, I felt that it was truly just impossible to overcome my badness and I thought there was something seriously wrong because I wasn’t changing, and I was seeing over and over and over and over how truly vile I was in my self!

The Good News

If you are by chance in this very situation, where you are failing to live up to the standards of God in yourself, and you are being made to see how vile you are and what you are capable of given the right circumstances—– BE ENCOURAGED! There is an end in view of it all, and it is in order for you to accept once and for all that, in you is no good thing, and you can never change yourself or be good in yourself—-you will only find goodness and salvation in Jesus Christ by faith in His finished work!

He is perfect and He became sin that knew no sin in order to make us perfect in Him!

And it doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t stop at: He finished it all and made us perfect—-yes He did, Praise God! But, when we come to see that this work is finished, then it is for us to realize that the Holy Spirit wants to make that finished work a REALITY IN US! He is transforming us into the image of Christ as we more and more see the difference between our vile selves, and His holiness!

Making It Real In Us

Here is where we need more clarity and ever more clarity from the Spirit on how He is making what Christ is actually real in us. And this is the process of revelation of Christ by the Spirit in our hearts. Whenever the Holy Spirit truly reveals who or what Christ is in our hearts, we can never be the same again. When we see Him with the eyes of our heart enlightened, we can never be the same again.

When the Spirit gets a hold of us, He begins to lead us to see that Christ is the very opposite of ourselves in nature. In nature, we are prideful, selfish, unholy, ungrateful, and just evil to the core. Christ Jesus is the Head of a new race of mankind that takes its character from Christ and what He is. Christ is the very opposite of this natural self. He is humble, self-lessness, holy, righteous, and good! He is everything we can never be in ourselves.

But it is one thing to “know” what Christ embodies with our natural mind and intelligence, and a totally other thing to have what He is revealed to our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

This is where words can not explain so well! All I know is that when this happens, we say, “I was blind, but now I see!”

We begin to see that in ourselves, we are hopeless, and if not for His grace, we are a hopeless case! But that is not the end of the story—for He that has begun a good work in us will finish it! And the finished product will be that Christ has taken over everything in us, so that what is seen in and through us is the Lord, and not our self with it’s evil anymore! That takes the exceeding great power of God toward us who believe to accomplish it! WE CAN DO NOTHING except accept the fact that we are no good in ourselves, and we are dependent on the Lord and His mercy and grace to make Christ a living reality within us!

Beware that if we take our eyes off of the Lord, we will start to look around and at ourselves, and we will conclude the whole matter as being hopeless and that the Lord is not really changing people at all or ourselves, and we will give up hope and be right where the devil wants us!

Don’t you accept it! We have been placed in Christ and that means that His Life is in us by the Holy Spirit, and we are to take hold of it by faith and claim it in the victory of the Cross, and co-operate with the Spirit in us to be conformed to the image of Christ!

The Lord is faithful and TRUE and in the end of it all, He will be justified in the way He took us to get us to be conformed to the image of His Son!!! 🙂



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