When You Feel Like The Lord Has Left You

When You Feel Like The Lord Has Left You

Sometimes we can go through phases in our spiritual life where it seems as though the Lord has completely left us and there is no more hope available. It seems as though He is not hearing our prayers, and like we can’t hear Him. We don’t know what to do, and we are just at the end of it all, on the verge of giving it all up.

Perhaps some hard situations came about in our life, and we sought the Lord and kept seeking Him, and yet we felt like He was totally no where to be found. We sought help, were given counsel, but nothing has seemed to really penetrate our hearts and we are just found in unbelief and despair!

It is not wrong, there are times when the Lord seems to withdraw from us, but it is in order that we won’t seek and love Him JUST for our sensing of Him in our souls, but that we will seek and love Him JUST for Him, because He is a fact in our heart and life, not necessarily something we can grasp and sense in our souls in order to have any type of gratification from it. When we begin our journey with the Lord, the new life, He makes Himself manifest to our hearts and for a while we are ecstatic! We can sense Him and we are just over joyed at His tangible presence with us. But as time goes by, He withdraws those things in order that we won’t become engrossed with those feelings, but rather, we are learning to trust Him, and know He is there, even when we can’t “feel” Him!

That is a mark of spiritual maturity!

If you are going through a season where you really feel that the Lord has just left you, and like He does not care about your or your problems right now—— BE CAREFUL. The enemy LOVES for the children of God to believe these lies from him. That is where they are from—the DEVIL. The Lord has not left His own, He has promised to NEVER LEAVE US NOR FORSAKE US! That is a FACT—not an imagination or wishful thinking. It is a fact, and we MUST cling to it in times where we feel He is NOT with us! The enemy wants to keep you down and despairing, and giving up on the Lord in order to draw you further and further away from the truth.

When the enemy has this foothold in a heart, he keeps the foothold by keeping us occupied with our self and what we are not getting and how nothing is working out for US. He turns it all into something about US, and when this happens, it is very difficult to see the light again.

That is why I want to encourage you if you are in this season where you are believing the lies, and focusing on whatever problems you are facing, and like the Lord is not answering your prayers.

Turn Your Heart To Him

If you are in this boat, I pray that you might turn your eyes to the FACTS and ask the Lord to grant you FAITH! He alone can give us faith! We can’t have faith in ourselves! It must be HIS faith that is OUR faith!

All things that are His become ours when we take the fact, and believe Him over all our own feelings! 

In Hebrews, it says that God has FOREVER spoken to us IN HIS SON. This means that the only thing that God our Father has to say to us in any answer to prayer or in any way about anything, is in His Son Jesus Christ. This means that all our answers will be found IN CHRIST. In what He is for us, and as us. In His eternal purpose in Christ.

Whatever situation we are facing, the answer will only be found in Christ. So if you have been praying and praying and praying about something, and you have not gotten any answer—– realize that if the Lord is going to answer you, it will only be in relation to Christ in some way. The answer will be found in Christ.

How can I demonstrate this for practical purposes? When I was praying and praying and praying and praying for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS about why the Lord was not changing me! Why wasn’t I changing??! I prayed for the Lord to change me, for Him to show me what I needed to do to change! I was desperately hopeless for an answer.

Years later, when HIS time was right for me, the answer came to all those miserable days and prayers——- the answer was that CHRIST JESUS IS MY RIGHTEOUSNESS! The answer was that, I can NEVER be changed in myself. It is only by FAITH IN CHRIST AS MY RIGHTEOUSNESS that I am able to stand before God justified!

See, all those years, I was looking for an answer in MYSELF. I thought that God would show me something I needed to do, or something about myself that needed fixing!

But the answer was only found in CHRIST and what HE IS for me!

I pray that you might be able to see this and see how whatever your issue is, the answer will be found in Christ!

Even if it is something outwardly—a situation in our marriage or with our kids or job or anything that has to do with this ordinary domestic life we have to live here. The answer to our problem will be in Christ and His Cross in one way or another! Whatever the case is, until we see that God is speaking to us in His Son, we will continue to despair and be drawn out by the enemy to a place where all hope is lost!

Until we realize that we don’t deserve ANYTHING from God—–all is a gift with Him. It is only by His grace that we have anything at all! We are beggars at his feet. He owes us NOTHING! WE owe HIM everything!

Let us be found with this attitude—-that all is of His grace, and therefore, we are ever dependent on Him and His love and mercy towards us! He has accepted us in the Beloved—-and we are His. Peter tells us that we are to cast ALL our cares onto Him, for He cares for us!


Reject all those lies of the enemy in Jesus’ Name, and start believing the truth, that in Christ are ALL things!

We are able to draw near to God because of what Christ has done for us, and the Bible says that when we draw near to God He will draw near to us! HE WILL DO THIS! He can not lie! But you must come to Him on HIS ground in Christ—that is the only ground He acknowledges! We can only come to God on the fact that Christ died for us and made the way unto God. If you try to come to God and get answers on any other ground, He will not be found by you! He waits until you come onto His ground in Christ, and then He is found more abundant than ever you dreamed of!

He is faithful, and when we are given the faith of Christ, and we stand on the faith of Christ, we find the Lord to be living and ever so near! Let us rest in the hope we have in Christ and cling to the fact! 🙂




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