When You “Just Can’t Do This Anymore”……..

When You “Just Can’t Do This Anymore”……..

Haven’t we all been there? We are pressed on every side, inwardly, outwardly, life is falling apart it seems. And the verdict on our situation is: “I can’t do this anymore!” It is so real. Surely we have ALL been there at one point or another in life, or maybe several times. You have a friend here if that is you!

Maybe it was when we were down and out and had no money, no security in this world or life it seemed. Or maybe it was in a moment at home with our screaming baby, a million dishes to be done, and no help around. Maybe it was when our marriage seemed like it was definitely over, and we had nothing left in us to give because it was just too unbearable to be rejected anymore. Maybe it was when we were sick of the old way of life and it’s unhealthy consequences, and we just couldn’t do it anymore. Maybe it was when our physical problems were overwhelming us to the point that we would rather just be dead than have to face any more excruciating pain. Maybe it was when we were being antagonized repeatedly by someone who is supposed to love us, and we just couldn’t take it anymore! It may even been a car that wouldn’t start day after day and you really just had enough, and exclaimed that you just can’t do this anymore! Or maybe it was your child not listening at school, not doing his work, not behaving at home and just totally rebelling, and you tried everything in your power and natural strength to change the situation, and when all was said and done, you just couldn’t do it anymore!


At this point, it is life or death—and we are very near death, and that is when the Lord comes in and saves the day, literally. Isn’t it the truth?

When all was said and done, and we just couldn’t do it anymore, the Lord came in, and really He saved the day!

How did he do this? By that illuminating light of the Spirit of God in us—He opened our inner eyes, and we saw like never before our Lord Jesus in a new way, and that revelation is what saved the day for us!

This comes in all different ways. Perhaps we read a blog, or a book, or spoke with a spiritual friend—-and through whatever channel or vessel it was—the Lord’s voice registered inside of us and we heard Him speak to our hearts, and we saw with our inner eyes something that saved our life, and we “went away rejoicing”, being spiritually renewed and refreshed, and given the strength to press on in our seemingly hopeless situation!

And then to top it all off, He used our very hard experiences to comfort those who were to experience the same trials through us and the comfort we received of our Lord in our time of need. Amazing grace!

The worst thing we can say to someone who just can’t do it anymore is that everything is going be ok and that they are over-reacting to whatever is happening. That will drown a person in even more despair and guilt than they are already drowning in. What is needed is genuine compassion and sympathy from those who truly understand what they are going through, and thankfully, we have ALL been to that point of, “I just can’t do this anymore”!

Beware Of The Enemy

For those of us who have experienced this thing, we know that it was in those times that the enemy got a word in about how much God truly doesn’t care about us, or about how God truly is not going to do anything for us, and about how much God doesn’t love us. And then the enemy went a step further and started condemning us about our reaction to our real or imagined death, and how much we are never going to get it right, and how the reason we can’t find God is because of our horrible reactions to the things that are seeking to kill, steal, and destroy the Life of Christ in us.

See, that is what is happening friends, when we just can’t do it anymore—-it is the forces of evil pressing upon us so as to get into our spirit, and capture our spirit, and bring us down to spiritual death and despair. If the enemy is allowed into our mind this way, we know that it leads straight to spiritual death and despair, and the only thing that saves us out of that is the Risen Life of Christ by faith.

God allows this. Why?

Because He knows that this is the only way for spiritual growth and maturity in Christ and He is willing to risk our misunderstanding Him in the things that He allows to happen to us.

But do not for one moment let those thoughts from the enemy in, for it will leave you lost and feeling like you can’t get back to the Lord. But that is also a lie— He is right there waiting for us, and it is only by faith, and by accepting the Cross once more, that we are ushered back into the position in Christ that is ours by faith in His resurrection!

Victory In Christ 

This is the time to claim the victory of Calvary in the Name of Jesus over all the enemy activity against you to steal your very LIFE!

It is time to say, “I claim the Victory of Calvary over all the enemy activity against the Life of Christ in me, and I claim the triumph of Calvary over all the enemy activity in the Name of Jesus!”

This is the time to lay hold of ETERNAL LIFE by faith—-lay hold of the Lord Jesus, and lay hold of His Might and Strength in the Spirit, and plead the Blood over it all and watch our Lord take control!!!

The great Word to lay Hold of is, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”!

The strength is not in ourselves at all—it is in Christ. And we must claim the enablement of the Holy Spirit to strengthen us inwardly with might that we may co-operate with the Life of  Christ in us in overcoming whatever is seeking to kill, steal, and destroy. When we co-operate with Him, we are led up the mountain and we get on top of the situation in our spirit, and we can look down from above and view it all as a powerful tool in the Lord’s hand to get His ends and purposes accomplished in us for His glory!

Nothing is wasted when we belong to the Lord. Nothing.

If you are struggling, and you are at the point where you just can’t do it anymore, don’t lose heart! The Lord is a mighty power within us, a power that has already conquered death. And He is able, as we claim and co-operate with His Life, to rise up in us to meet whatever we are facing in His Strength, for His glory!

Our God is an Awesome God

He reigns from Heaven above

with wisdom, power, and love!

Our God is an Awesome God!


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